Hear what many of our satisfied customers are saying about us. We truly believe in getting each one of our customers the
Best Combination of Price, Protection and Service!


Integrity & Trusted Knowledge

“Tom Paree is very knowledgeable about the right coverage for a given situation and he has always given me good guidance and advice on matters that impact me and my family. I trust Tom and have known him for years both professionally and personally. He works with integrity and I would recommend him for all insurance needs.”                                                                             

– John Palotay, Wheeling, WV


Saved $980 A Year

“Since switching to Paree insurance I have been nothing but pleased with my service. From cutting $980 a year off of my insurance cost, to dealing with our wonderful agent Chris Bucon, my only regret, not doing business with Paree sooner!”

– Robert and Molly Taylor, Glen Dale, WV


Best Price…No Hassle

I have had insurance through Paree for over 30 years. I have compared other insurance companies from time to time when buying a new car, etc…, and Paree has always given me the best price. Their customer service has been outstanding when I have to submit a claim and resolving the claims quickly with no hassles.

– Joe and Susan McMullen, Moundsville, WV


Smooth Transition

“After 20 years with our previous insurance company, a friend suggested we call Paree. Our agent, Chris Bucon, has made the transition a smooth one and saved us money as well. We are very happy with our decision to use Paree and just wish we would have called Paree sooner!”

– P.D. and Casey Simpson, Wheeling, WV


Saved $1000

I can definitely count on my agent to be there when I need him. Not to mention the $1000 a year we are saving just by switching to Paree Insurance!”

– Brock and Karley Melko, Wheeling, WV


First Time Buyer

Straight out of school Paree was my first call when it came to insurance. They honor 24 year olds as adults, which saved me a ton of money! The customer service representatives made it a smooth transition for a first time buyer. From auto, to renters, and life insurance the process has been painless and easy on the checkbook!”

– Luke Seavy, Bethel Park, PA


Quick Turnaround…and Affordable

“Just moved to the Wheeling area and needed to find auto insurance fast. I spoke with an agent at Paree Insurance, they answered all of my questions, and were able to give me an affordable quote. They quickly made me feel like a part of the community.

– T.J. Butyn Wheeling, WV


Best Coverage at the Lowest Price

“When it comes to professionals, you need to look no further than Paree Insurance. When I started to shop around for insurance for the first time the agent I worked with at Paree was able to educate me on what I needed to do. Paree Insurance agents are always striving to provide the most up to date information and work with you to get the best coverage at the lowest price possible. Thank you for your helpful information, kindness and professionalism.”

– Home and Auto Client of 2 years


Seamless Transition

“Changing insurance companies can seem like a daunting task, but Paree Insurance made the transition seamless and even saved me money. Their customer service is great and they always have a solution for whatever kind of insurance I need.”

Alex Hilton, Bridgeport, OH


More Coverage For Less

“I came to Paree Insurance in the fall of 2014 for homeowners insurance. I was pleasantly surprised with the rate I received, as the Paree agent was able to offer me significantly higher levels of coverage than I had on my previous home with a lower monthly premium. In early 2015 I switched all three of my autos to Paree which resulted in an annual reduction to my auto premium by $800! Additionally, I have found my Paree agent a pleasure to work with as I always receive a prompt and professional response to my calls and inquiries. I shared my “Paree” story with some of my co-workers only to find that I was “late to the dance” as the majority of my co-workers had already made the switch to Paree”!

– Rod and Beverlee Hardy, Barnesville, Ohio